Some advertising work adds to the noise and interrupts people while other concepts resonate and change minds, Founder and Executive Creative Director of the Make Beautiful Agency, Zwelakhe ‘Zee’ Tshabangu tells us why this is. Their work ethos at Make Beautiful includes a collaborative approach between the agency and clients.

The Make Beautiful Agency is celebrating their fifth year in business.

In this episode of The Lead Creative podcast, Zwelakhe shares some of their lessons from understanding innovative ways to create work for various platforms and how consumers engage with brands across such platforms. Citing a Burger King campaign, Zee says some creative executions work for certain media platforms and not others which range from television, radio to social networks. He goes on to say that creative teams should make it worthwhile for the consumer to watch or interact with a piece of creative content.

One of the creative case studies that Tshabangu talks to is their work with Channel O, which is work that what the brand stands for.

If you are undecided about listening to this episode, which you totally should, check out this little snippet below.

Zwelakhe Zee Tshabangu on The Lead Creative

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