….the first person offered it, the other one accepted and a store owner took it as currency for products and services.

It seems exposure is increasingly becoming the new currency, or an old one, depending on which side of the fence you are. Let’s face it, the work you do – and get paid for – gives you the same amount of exposure that non-paid work gives you.

No one ever thinks ‘that Maserati Gran Turismo Mc Stradale,  I drooled over, I wonder how much exposure they’ll accept for it’. All this exposure cannot be quantified and the Maserati Mc Stradale won’t make you happy forever. Okay, it might.

In a world where currency is made of exposure, we’re all rich and everyone high-fives everyone else for all those non-paying gigs we had. The ones where people get awards because everyone talks about all those appearances they made. One where we celebrate how much the stock market has improved and you can buy a stake in some of the top performing Fortune 100 companies using an estimate of all the eyeballs that have seen you.

Man cannot live on exposure alone.


Photo by Cédric JANODET on Flickr