Image by: Clarky The Lion

Being an influential entrepreneur has been a target of mine for a while. When you are an influencer; people listen to what you have to say, act on it and that changes your company’s profitably.

What makes you influential? What makes 4000 people retweet your posts? Why would people knock down your down because you are selling a product? Not the next guy.

At first I thought it was:

–         Money

–         Friends in high places

–         That huge contract

All of them are misconceptions. These guys make money because they influencers, which spills over to the contracts and other benefits.

I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few agents of change, through NetwebTv and the NetWeb Event. The common things among most of them are:

  • · They share freely – lessons, experiences and contacts
  • · They focus their attention on you and drive conversation toward you not themselves.
  • They always leave you with a new lesson.
  • · They never talk about their accomplishments unless asked.
  • · They are connectors – most contacts I got, were through them.
  • · They want to build you.
  • They get more business because they are influential, not the other way.

This is the brief list of attributes that connect the non-conformist agents of change. The ones I’ve been following at least.

What makes you influential? Add to the list.