Seth Godin discusses his latest book Linchpin: NetwebTV Exclusive [episode 9]

“Good enough” – will no longer get you through the door when your most remarkable work is what matters.

Seth Godin a marketing guru, international author and well sought after speaker wrote yet another thought-provoking book. The difference now is; we were one of the first shows he spoke to about his latest offering.

Linchpin is a book that questions what your best is and how you as an artist, an agent of change can get it out there without leaving your job. The times of work, get a paycheck, retire or even worse get retrenched are gone. Now the world is looking for you, for your work and we are listening to what you have to say.

In this episode Seth tells us how we can take advantage of change and even better be the cause. I also asked him about the concept of giving things free yet still being able to make a living.

11 thoughts on “Seth Godin discusses his latest book Linchpin: NetwebTV Exclusive [episode 9]

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  2. I’m in a deadend job, I really need to take some advice and get some small business going! =) I need to find a niche small company of some sort.

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  6. Thanks for the tweets, I really appreciate it.

    Source – sometimes you create a niche. But Seth says, “start doing something meaningful where you are. Thanks for the comment. Good luck!

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