Phenomenal service and the 100 list

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I have been tinkering with the idea of becoming a brand ambassador for some brands that represent innovative thinking. Since no ads are featured on this blog, it seemed something more worthwhile doing. It is also a way for us to talk about things worth doing, which I’d like you to share.

That way we find new activities, share the lessons and get talking about entrepreneurial companies that outdo themselves.

Speaking of companies that give rockstar service. This past Saturday, for the first time, I went to Kai Thai with some friends. And boy did they surpass my expectations. They did all the great things you expect of a restaurant, but never get. That alone did it for us.

One of their treatments is the fish spa, where you submerge your feet into a fish tank and Garra fish – little dermatologists – nible away at them. Their manager offered us an additional 5 minutes on the 15 minute treatment.

While preparing to dip into the cold water – long after 9pm – she added an additional 15 minutes as a promotional offer. Contrary to my skepticism, the treatment was worth more than the price. And the added time wasn’t required, also not used.

As an entrepreneur it proved that giving that much extra, makes you worth talking about. Small businesses can use that to their advantage and customize their service offering according to what your client needs.

The 100 list

I rarely encounter phenomenal service, but never get to talk about it here when it happens.

Being a Brand Ambassador on the other hand is an option that could applaud great service, encourage even more of it and hopefully rid us of the unacceptable. That’s the hope.

There are brands and adventures I would like to start with on the 100 list. But that in a subsequent post.

Where were you offered outstanding service? How do you improve client experience, what can be passed on?

Photo by: karlteskey on Flickr

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