The novelty factor

Since the South African Tobacco Products Control Act in 1993, that was amended till 2009, prohibiting all advertising and sponsorship by tobacco companies. The cigarette companies have to be even more innovative than everyone else to make a sale.

Over the December holidays at the normal price, you could buy Camels in a steel box that fits your pack inside.

The novelty of a steel box makes the smoker want to show it off to their friends. And ensuring only a few of these boxes were available they kept more people hooked for longer.  What are the chances of you having your last smoke the same day you get this pack? This got me thinking of how packaging can be used to increased sales.
If you went to the same store a week before or after this package was available your friend would have started a conversation about it. The same product you offer can be packaged in a way that makes it more special and coveted by customers.
Short of advertising and marketing this company makes themselves worth talking and remembering.  Are you?

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