The 100 list of things worth doing

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A while back I wrote about the 100 list and promised you another post about it. After spending sometime thinking of ways to present it in writing, I finally decided that this would be it.

One of the things I do a lot of is talk about interesting things to do and experience as much of them as possible. But my thinking here has been quite rigid and business – focused in a way that makes it difficult to write about anything else.

Getting out of the boxes

The 100 list is partly me getting out that box and partly challenging myself and you to do certain things over the next year. Call it ‘living the dream’.

We all thrive where there is a bit of variety and interesting things do. That variety, adventure and word of mouse is what the 100 list all about.

.  . . but what for?

There are entrepreneurial companies out there that provide phenomenally amazing service, which we never get to talk about. Instead the ones that give us crap get more mention. The 100 list is where I will talk about them.

There are quite a few things I want to do over time which seem to get put off and once after a while they get relegated far from memory. And we tell ourselves they weren’t worth doing anyway.

Ones that are worth doing

For the ones that are worth doing there’s the 100 list. To start off here are a few things I plan to over the next year:

This list will grow over time as more activities come to mind. Some I can only mention later on.

What things have you put off that are still worth doing? Tell us in the comments. And if you happen to be from Urban, feel free to email me.

Photo credit: Photo by Johannesen on Flickr

One thought on “The 100 list of things worth doing

  1. Would kill to go sky diving, its flipping scary but it’s worth all the adreneline gitters!!!!

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