How to Overcome Resistance: Do The Work

Do The Work – by Steven Pressfield – is short enough to finish in 2 sittings, so relevant that it gets you off your butt immediately. It is practical in a way that it changes the view of how you hold yourself back from starting. And finishing.

It is by far the most important 112 pages I’ve read in the longest time. Arguably, ever.

You will stop doing research, stop listening to your mind’s endless chattering and your family’s well-meaning distractions. You will simplify how you work, this is not a book you read and put down. Unless you are comfortable with where you are.

Yes, we all know we hold ourselves back. We know we are meant to work, but don’t. We have plans that are larger than life but procrastinate. We postpone these noble causes. That is resistance and it stops here.

This is not a book you read and go back to the proverbial “business as usual”. The resistance, also mentioned in Seth Godin’s Linchpin, will lose its hold on you. More importantly, you’ll know it for the force it truly is. One that aims to keep you chasing after mediocrity.

Speaking of Seth Godin, when a book starts with him saying “this is the author of the most important book you’ve never read”. Well….. you realize a tectonic shift occurred in the universe ‘as you know it’, the moment you made this purchase.

Steven Pressfield draws clear battle lines between where you were, and who you’ll be after your realize the  pitfalls you didn’t even know you allowed to hold you back.

Gifts, book reviews and Linchpin give-away

It seems 2010 brought with it a downpour of work and little distractions that just keep me away from writing. But there will be more reading this winter.

If you have been here before, you would know I had an interview with Seth Godin about his book Linchpin. (If you haven’t – you just might score yourself a free copy. I’m glad you stopped by).

Linchpin is a book about gifts, and art and adding value and being indispensable. If you thought that couldn’t be done where you are right now – in your job or business. This gem blasts that misconception along with the lizard brain that propagates it. Seth describes the ‘lizard brain’ as that part of our minds which holds us back from making real progress. It strikes a balance between being an entrepreneur and a change agent where you currently work.

Lost marbles

By now you are probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles, books that accomplish such balance are watered down and don’t really speak to the one or other person. But it does, in a way that on only Seth Godin can. And I will have you know that my marbles are still intact. Thanks for the concern.

Monthly read

The idea is to share and recommend our latest reads, while giving one book away every month. Yes, you stand a chance to get yourself a copy of Linchpin, because that is what I’m reading at the moment. Leave some ideas in the comments and the best one gets the book. It’s really that easy! We’ll keep expanding on the ideas and probably make it more intricate with your contribution, but that’s not intention.

Terms and conditions don’t apply, but there’s just one small thing

As you might have guessed it, there is one thing that could be a potential challenge. Because this is a self-funded project, I’d like to try keep it as cost effective as possible. So for now, the give-aways will be to our South African readers and we can spread it globally at a later stage.

Why should you get it?

Leave some ideas in the comments and if yours is the best to spread this project to most people, you get the book sent to you.

The postman delivered Linchpin

Ishita Gupta – Head Of Hoopla for Seth Godin sent a reply to an email I had sent about interviewing Seth Godin. To my astonishment, she requested me to send them my mailing address. “But I thought post died long before the archaic dialup connection, I mean this is Seth we’re talking about. He doesn’t write letters.” At least that’s the first thing I said to one of the guys at the office.

The mailman to much delight; delivered Seth Godin’s latest hardcover. And glossy offering called Linchpin – Are You Indespensable? It became a New York Times bestseller within it’s first 10 days of release.

We had an exclusive interview with him some weeks ago, where he spoke about the fundamental change in work and what the world has become. Basically, he writes about the choice to be indispensable at what you do. A choice to contribute where you are, to create art that is a gift to others in itself.

So every other appointment has been put hold, well sort of been slightly deferred, till I have completed this much coveted read.

Aside; there’s already a long queue of people waiting to lend it once I’m done. But they’ve been referred here, since it shouldn’t leave my sight. Not for a split second!

Thanks to Ishita Gupta and Seth Godin.

Seth Godin discusses his latest book Linchpin: NetwebTV Exclusive [episode 9]

“Good enough” – will no longer get you through the door when your most remarkable work is what matters.

Seth Godin a marketing guru, international author and well sought after speaker wrote yet another thought-provoking book. The difference now is; we were one of the first shows he spoke to about his latest offering.

Linchpin is a book that questions what your best is and how you as an artist, an agent of change can get it out there without leaving your job. The times of work, get a paycheck, retire or even worse get retrenched are gone. Now the world is looking for you, for your work and we are listening to what you have to say.

In this episode Seth tells us how we can take advantage of change and even better be the cause. I also asked him about the concept of giving things free yet still being able to make a living.