Lifestyle Makeover Feature on Destiny Man

A little over two and a half years ago I took on the challenge of changing my lifestyle, of getting healthier, fitter and more active – I had no idea that the journey would end up on Destiny Man. The February 2017 issue of the prestigious men’s magazine, in stores now, features some of the things I discovered along the way.

At the time of starting with my very short run – which felt like I had just done the Ironman – I had no idea that the path would lead to being more effective at work, to making new connections with people who would have never been on my radar under normal circumstances.

Leaps of Faith by Mongezi Mtati On: Destiny Man, Feb 2017

As it happens when you start on a new journey to change your life, there are always obstacles and rude awakenings. In my case, ice-cold damper in my deep slumber was a running app that was recommended by Phetheho Mosia whom I’m sure got a thrill from mild disappointment. The article talks to how I discovered that shortness of my Ironman run and walk, but it’s great that the awakening occurred when it did.

You’ll also discover how important it is to have key goals for your new lifestyle and somebody to crack the whip and in my case it’s the obstacle racing Peter Peele. He manages to push long past I’ve exhaled my last breath and only fire goes through my chest. So yes, I’m surrounded by legends who push me. I wouldn’t call them friends when huff, puff, limp, curse the day I met them and imagine the finish line.

Lindsay Grubb cracks the whip when I slack with the writing which has proven to be invaluable and boy is that absolutely helpful. Documenting some of these stories needs magician’s eye and she just may be the unmentioned secret inspector at the literature department at Hogwarts.

Thanks to Marco Caromba, Duncan and the Jozi X team for allowing us to use the park for the pictures and the adventure experience that you’ll see in the piece. They host some of the most challenging obstacle course races that will make you want to get fitter and they are also the friendliest bunch you’ll ever meet at these activities. Their BattleRush events introduced us to the adrenaline and the bug of obstacle course racing. Check them out here.

This past weekend marked the fastest – relatively uphill – half marathon (21.1km for the non runners) that I have taken on.

Please get a copy and share your thoughts.

Starting a clan: Redefining what you sell

Image by: Isayx3 on Flickr

Image by: Isayx3 on Flickr

When the Wu Tang Clan first released their debut album ‘Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)’ everyone was talking about them. They set out to build a trend with their music, which wasn’t difficult being the only group who had the sound of killer bees and Kung Fu skits.

Most of us developing new products, marketing ourselves and even branding our companies tend to overlook what we truly sell. Developing a clan and creating a culture are some of the many things that worked for the Wu Tang, with some lessons that can be adapted.

What you sell

More often than not, we sell the product without realizing what it is linked with. Many companies instead of selling a lifestyle, experience or hope, they sell a pair of jeans or a computer.

I went to the D.O.P.E Store in the Johannesburg CBD recently, a clothing store,  part of whose concept includes a basement where they host parties. Their venue is mostly booked by people who would wear clothing that is sold in the shop. It gives them greater access to their market and gets people talking within a context that surrounds them by reference.

Organize a culture

The Wu Tang Clan found people already listening to Hip Hop music, but separated their audience from the norm. Their debut reinvented the possibility of what can go into an album and directed the masses to listen in a certain way thereafter.

Clans make closed exclusive communities that everyone else wants to belong to. Distinguishing yourselves by how you sell your product alone doesn’t get your message out distinctively and make you memorable.

What is your Kung Fu Skit?

The Kung Fu skits made it obvious whose song was about to play and the everyone sang along. If a song was new we all listened  and tried to find out what it was.

Find the distinct things about your service that can make you a market leader, things can become your own Kung Fu skit. Your killer bee sound. That one thing that turns conversation around when you are mentioned.

How can you reorganize your target audience and direct the course of things from where you began?