Solve Your Own Problem

“What problem are you trying to solve?” counts as one of the most important questions I was ever asked by a business mentor. We tend to have great ideals for starting companies, as we should, but end up losing the plot. I would imagine every business has one thing in mind when they open doors, that being solving someone’s problem with their product.

People who created their own solutions

Chris Guillebeau wanted to change world, challenge the status quo, travel the world and meet people with similar interests. He started The Art Of Non-Conformity, his website, where he documents his travels and invites readers to become part of his experience. This solves a few things for both him and his readers:

– It gives other travelers the opportunity to connect with like-minded people around the world.

–         He meets people online before setting off to travel.

–         He also gets authentic voices to talk about their countries, which is always better than reading photoshopped brochures.

Allon Raiz discovered that businesses didn’t need funding to thrive, but required direction and resources that money cannot buy. So he started Raizcorp, the first privately held and unfunded business incubator.

For every online startup that is looking for funding there is the Crowdfund. Some web entrepreneurs realized the need for “Angel Funding” in South Africa and together they started it. With small contributions from the public, who in turn become investors, they are able to develop web startups.

First find a problem then become the solution is what most successful entrepreneurs have done. It’s even better when you know problem, thus making the product even easier to create.

What problem are you solving?

Photo by: Zoopreme on Flickr