How to Overcome Resistance: Do The Work

Do The Work – by Steven Pressfield – is short enough to finish in 2 sittings, so relevant that it gets you off your butt immediately. It is practical in a way that it changes the view of how you hold yourself back from starting. And finishing.

It is by far the most important 112 pages I’ve read in the longest time. Arguably, ever.

You will stop doing research, stop listening to your mind’s endless chattering and your family’s well-meaning distractions. You will simplify how you work, this is not a book you read and put down. Unless you are comfortable with where you are.

Yes, we all know we hold ourselves back. We know we are meant to work, but don’t. We have plans that are larger than life but procrastinate. We postpone these noble causes. That is resistance and it stops here.

This is not a book you read and go back to the proverbial “business as usual”. The resistance, also mentioned in Seth Godin’s Linchpin, will lose its hold on you. More importantly, you’ll know it for the force it truly is. One that aims to keep you chasing after mediocrity.

Speaking of Seth Godin, when a book starts with him saying “this is the author of the most important book you’ve never read”. Well….. you realize a tectonic shift occurred in the universe ‘as you know it’, the moment you made this purchase.

Steven Pressfield draws clear battle lines between where you were, and who you’ll be after your realize the  pitfalls you didn’t even know you allowed to hold you back.

Avoid Crowds Altogether: Notes From Ignore Everybody

When we think of starting something, we are advised to “stand out” or “be different” but Hugh MacLeod suggests you should avoid crowds, instead of standing out from them. When Hugh MacLeod started his ‘Cartoons Drawn On The Back Of Business Cards’ project, the plan was to keep at it.

The publishing deal of Ignore Everybody followed long after he started, by then it was too late for competition to catch up. From not quitting your day job, as he didn’t, and following the dream as a side project. Hugh MacLeod gives all the ins and outs of doing your meaningful creative work and not squeezing every cent from it.

Worried about quality?

Like most of us, Hugh must have been concerned about meeting expected standards of quality and everything the new kid on the block is constantly worried about. Here is his solution for that:

A bit about culture

Whether you work in the creative industry or in accounting, there is an established culture, some unwritten laws to live by. Hugh MacLeod maintains that to get ahead of any culture, is to create it.

Ignore Everybody, released in 2009, tackles issues from suddenly being discovered to how to handle inspiration instead of for it. It’s a must-read for anyone working in the creative industry and everyone who wants to be more remarkable at they do.

How do you remain consistent at what you do and get better? Share your tips with us.