Smiling One Pledge: The Crowdsourcing Challenge

We all get different requests to help someone. And if you spend time on social networks with just over 300 Facebook friends, those requests increase to annoying proportions. When I heard Smiling One would close if they didn’t raise funds it was very compelling.

So to help them raise funds, get donations and some rad ideas, I started crowdsourcing challenge on Evly, here. A lot can happen when you put a lot of people together in one place. When you crowdsource solutions in an open source platform, even more can happen.

What’s the challenge?

The guys at Smiling One need to raise R1 22 000 (about $18 00 US), in the next four days. Spreading this crowdsourcing challenge on Evly will help us get more people and perhaps pledges to keep them open.

If you’ve got a blog share this challenge. Or Tweet #smilingone.

About Smiling One

The programme creates a platform for personal valuebased leadership development – using THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL –¬†involving youth, families and the community as a whole.

Have you got some off the wall fundraising ideas for them? Share them in the comments.

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Image by:  Michael Kalus on Flickr

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