Fast is not quick

When you call a metered taxi to fetch you from a talk, the last thing you expect is to learn a lesson from the driver. The company gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse and a commitment not to pay them if their price went above the quote.

Fast is not quick, quick is not fast

When we drove out of the hotel the driver chose to go through town instead of taking the highway. Thinking this would take longer I asked why he didn’t take the highway, below was his answer:

Fast is not quick and quick is not fast – The closest route between points is a straight a line and that often means going through the stop lights.

When building our marketing and the hype behind our products, we tend to think that the fastest way to get there is getting many people to talk about us. What I have learnt is that recovering quickly from your hurdles grows your community more than having large budget would.

Listen more

He asked me about my visit to the hotel, to which I said I was hosting a business event. Immediately afterward he then asked me what I think of the “Spider Web Doctrine” which made sense as being from Capitalist Nigger.

  1. Get your community talking – We tend to talk more at our possible clients  instead of getting them to engage in conversation about our products and services.
  2. Listen to what they have to say – Once people speak and voice their opinion on something they feel strongly about it lets you know how to intergrate it into product offering.

Respect me

When I got into the car and apologised for keeping him waiting, calmly he said: “No problem”. At first it was normal but after the third time, I looked in his direction and told him to “call me by name instead”.

The community you are building are a group of smart people and if you respect them they’ll spread the spread the word about you.

We tend to focus on numbers instead of the value we give the people in our current community and end up losing them while chasing after the masses. The final price went above the one quoted earlier, which I happily paid. With a tip.

How do you spread your word-of-mouth?