Global Entrepreneurship Week at Tech City UK

Imagine a hub for innovative companies, tech startups and international investors; all in the same part of town. In the UK it’s not just a dream, it’s a reality. It’s called Tech City and you’ll find it in East London, where it’s grown up around the old Silicon Roundabout.

As part of their efforts for Global Entrepreneurship Week, they are hosting the Tech City UK Entrepreneurs Festival, a  weeklong event with  over 300 companies from across the world, all meeting with over 50 Top Entrepreneurs and investors.

The first two days will be an intense boot camp with mentors and investors, where startups get empowered with pitching skills and product development. These are some of the top minds in business globally.

Following the sessions with investors, the Tech City UK Entrepreneurs Festival will also allow the Top 20 companies to pitch their ideas to investors and mentors. The opportunities are huge for those presenting, successful businesses have the change to gain new business, mentorship and investment.

You may also want to hear from the Top 20 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Investors who’ll be sharing their experiences on Saturday the 19th.

We take off for the Tech City UK Entrepreneurs Festival this Saturday, which will be held from 14-19 November on London’s East End.

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