Gareth Cliff On Everything blog tour: #CliffOnEverything

In November, I made an announcement about WordStart finally taking off. If you’d like to know more, start here.

For now, we have a blog tour for Gareth Cliff’s new book and tons of give-aways. The tour will stop at different blogs this week and next week till 27 November. WordStart is giving away books on Facebook and Twitter. Follow WordStart here: @WordStarters for up to the minute updates.

If you would like to win yourself a copy of the book, send 3 Tweets telling us why you want one and include #CliffOnEverything. The bloggers will help you by flipping through the pages and writing their thoughts on the book.

Check these blogs for reviews and prizes this week:

  1. Zahira Kharsany at 9:00am, on Tuesday 18 October 2011
  2. Khadija Patel at 15:00pm, on Tuesday 18 October 2011
  3. Nonkululeko Godana at 12:00pm, on Wednesday 19 October 2011
  4. Ideate at 15:00pm,  on Wednesday 19 October 2011
  5. Arthur Van Wyk at 12:00pm, on Thursday 20 October 2011
  6. SA Rocks at 10:00am, on Friday 21 October 2011
  7. Briget Ferguson at 12:00pm, on Friday 21 October 2011
  8. Sheena Gates at 14:00, on Friday 21 October 2011

Follow #CliffOnEverything on Twitter for awesome prizes.

2 thoughts on “Gareth Cliff On Everything blog tour: #CliffOnEverything

  1. Hi Shirley, this is a virtual tour with posts on different blogs till 27 October. I won’t be coming to Durban during that time.

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