How ‘NOT TO’ maintain customer relationships: Featuring MTN

A little before midnight I went onto Facebook, in case the world had radically changed again, and I wasn’t there to witness it. Richard Mulholland had just shared a post which was one of those ‘MTN dun’did it now‘ and – if anything – this is a lesson about how ‘Not To’ engage with your customers.

Richard's Facebook post
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Here is a guide to how you can lose customers:

1. Set up the obstacle course

Naturally, you would think he took to social media without exploring all the possible avenues with the company. In this case, Richard went through all the excruciating obstacles and nothing helped. He made contact with them – in search of a solution  – for eight months and no one tried to resolve it.

Had they assisted or resolved the issue, and left a remarkable impression, this would have been a completely different post. As you might have seen in the image above, when I started writing this post, there were 11 retweets, now look below.

 2. When in doubt, point to Terms and Conditions

Following the lengthy and painful correspondence, MTN told him about their Ts & Cs, and it seem even they didn’t follow them. This was another opportunity to salvage the 18-year relationship they had with him. Yes, 18 whole years have gone up in smoke.

3. Watch the connection implode

All of this began with an unsolicited loyalty offer made by MTN, which included an iPhone 5s, and following the agreement they turned tables. By now you are probably wondering is the iPhone 5s had already been ordered and as it turns out, this was right after Richard had ordered the phone.

Follow the correspondence on Richard Mulholland’s blog here.

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