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Packaging your offering into a lifestyle : The all new NetwebTV

It was a little over a year ago when I first had the crazy idea of starting a business show, with news and information that matters for small business. Now, a year and the 10th episode later, we are still around with a few major changes on the latest show. The first to the 9th […]

Phenomenal service and the 100 list

I have been tinkering with the idea of becoming a brand ambassador for some brands that represent innovative thinking. Since no ads are featured on this blog, it seemed something more worthwhile doing. It is also a way for us to talk about things worth doing, which I’d like you to share. That way we […]

Niche audiences, building them and rock music

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, a book that delves into niches and what makes them, is an interesting read. I still haven’t finished yet. This post isn’t about my opinion on the book, but something it inspired. Starting at 10pm till 1am in 2001, I would listen to a rock show on 5FM by […]

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